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for On-Demand Pay

Financial uncertainty is hard on employees and leads to a stressed and distracted workforce. We enable employees access their salary any time of the month. Why wait for payday?

Happy Workforce

Helping employees to deal with financial shocks improves their happiness, engagement, loyalty and productivity

Free for Employers

Free for companies. Zero liability. No change in employer cash flow, we front the money

Attract and retain the best talent

Early wage access is proven to increase retention and can save businesses millions in employee turnover cost.


Focus on running your business
we will deal with early wage access.

Our on-demand pay solutions enable you to manage employee financial needs quickly and in real-time, without impacting cashflow.

Dashboards and Insights

We provide usage dashboards, reporting and analytics for both employers and employers.

Responsive Technology

Our platform is available on both web and mobile technology.

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Who provides the money accessed by employees?

We front the cash to employees. There is no liability or expense for the employer.


How long does it take to start offering the service to employees?

Once the employer agrees to offer PataPay as an employee benefit, the service goes live within 48 hours.


What employee information is shared with PataPay?

Name, mobile number, national identity card and salary details.


How much does it cost businesses to offer PataPay?

There are no setup or recurring costs to the business. The transaction costs are recovered from the employee

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Stop struggling to deal with adhoc employee financial needs. Our streamlined platform and fast processing times will keep you focused on what matters most.

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